Black F##day 2023

Hold on to yer butts, it’s Black Friday 2023!

Are this year’s deals any better than last year? At this point, it’s real hard to tell, but there are certainly loads of companies that are absolutely desperate for your money.


Black F**day 2022

Get ready for another spending spree… it’s Black Friday 2022!

After a year of death (queen), destruction (ukraine) and depression (everything else), here is your annual grab-bag of all the best sample library and plugin bargains. As per Samplecast tradition,


Dumpster Diving… Black Friday 2020

This year has been pretty shitty. But despite all the gloom and doom, it’s been an awesome year for sample libraries and plugins. Although the bargains don’t seem to be quite as good as previous years, there are still some


Cheapest way to get Kontakt 6

Almost every week I get asked the best (ie cheapest) way to pick up Kontakt 6. My answer is that you can get it at least half price using cross-grade discounts, and sometimes for near to £100 if you catch …


Cut The Crap… Black Friday 2019

It gets earlier every year, doesn’t it? Black Friday has arrived once again to raid our wallets and leave us crying at the mercy of sample library and plugin developers.

Never fear, we’re here to sift the shit and unveil


Black Friday 2018 : our recommendations

It’s that time of the year again when hundreds of companies throw every discount at the wall to see what sticks. Many sites exhaustively list every deal available, making things hella confusing for those who are time-poor.

Over at The


£1 Bargain VST Holiday Special

It’s a crazy time in sample land with loads of developers scrambling for your hard earned cash. This week they are LITERALLY competing for the pound in your pocket as there’s a slew of fantastic £1 / €1 / $1


Black Friday 2017 : our recommendations

Search online for 5 minutes and you’ll find lots of other sites listing every single black friday bargain out there, but I’ve never really been comfortable with that kind of approach. So this year I’m showcasing a more ‘personal’ collection


Black Friday 2016 : our recommendations


I deliberated for quite a while as to whether I should do a Samplecast “Black Friday” show. There are so many offers out there this year that the number of plug-in and library discounts has been truly overwhelming. Many other …

End of series – thank you everyone

The Samplecast is on a summer break for the next few weeks. From humble beginnings we’ve managed to make it to show #20 and along the way have gathered an army of fans and viewers. The YouTube channel and podcast …