The Samplecast video show 8

Welcome to The Samplecast #8 – This week there’s a special Musik Messe roundup, Interview, Big Review and Developer Updates. Head to the podcast to hear the audio version of the show with more music and extended tracks. Please subscribe to the show on YouTube. Review and rate us if you’re that way inclined. When you share The Samplecast with your friends then somewhere in the world a fairy gets her wings.

Featured this week…
ADX TRAX 3 – Audionamix
KWAYA – Eduardo Tarilonte
Trinity Drums – Sonuscore
Modular Synth – Softube
Hybrid Fluids Vol. 1 – The Last Haven (PODCAST INTERVIEW)
Cyborg – Big Fish Audio
The Black Album Drums – Chocolate Audio
TS-1 Transient Shaper – Audiority
Exhale Ambient Vocals – Output
Hummingbird Guitar – Prominy
Evolution Dracus – Orange Tree Samples