The Samplecast podcast vol 3 : episode 63

Episode #63 of The Samplecast… the show for sample library geeks, plug-in fans and soundware enthusiasts. This week: news, bargains, updates, freebies and tips & tricks. Subscribe via iTunes or your chosen podcast platform for a new edition of The Samplecast to your inbox every week. Review and rate The Samplecast on iTunes if you love us. More info…

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Featured this week:

Motion Cinematic Grooves – Paris Sampling
Cuica 2 – Muletone Audio
Omnisphere Colossus III – The Unfinished
Turbine – Boom Library
£1 Helper & Pumper Plugins – WA Production
85% OFF Cinematic Sound Design Bundle – Sound Ideas
New 1928 Steinway Piano – 8DIO
Randomiser Series 1.2 – Audiofier
FREE Duduk – Strezov Sampling
FREE ComBear – WA Production
FREE Ancient Voices – Embertone
FREE Ronroco – Samplephonics
FREE Samplephonics Taster packs