The Samplecast podcast vol 2 : episode 41

Episode #41 of The Samplecast… the show for sample library geeks, plug-in fans and soundware enthusiasts. This week: news, bargains, freebies, big review, developer updates and much more… Subscribe via iTunes or your chosen podcast platform for a new edition of The Samplecast to your inbox every week. Review and rate The Samplecast on iTunes if you love us.

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Featured this week:

Decimator Drums – Audio Imperia
Swing More! – ProjectSAM
Eris Stringis – Composers Tools
BT Phobos – Spitfire Audio
Synthophone – Sampleso
Drums of the Deep 2 : Unleashed – Auddict
Oceania – Performance Samples
Fluffy Audio bundle – Audio Plugin Deals
Carbon Electra Synth – Plugin Boutique
Halcyon – Soundspot
NOVO: Modern Strings – Heavyocity
Thunder X3M Taiko – Strezov Sampling
Free World – Sound Ethers
Cello Over Pressure – SoundMutare
Free Packs – Loop Lords
RX6 – iZotope
Berlin Brass Muted Brass – Orchestral Tools
Peak Rider 2 – Impact Soundworks