The Samplecast video show 69

Episode #69 of The Samplecast… the show for sample library geeks, plug-in fans and soundware enthusiasts. This week: news, bargains, big review, competition, freebies and tips & tricks. Download the podcast for the extended show with more tracks, information and the full composer interview. More info…

Featured this week:

SAGA Acoustic Trailer Percussion – Red Room Audio
Century Harps – 8DIO
Dronar : Metal & Glass – Gothic Instruments
Front Row Violins – Kirk Hunter Studios
Scoring Synths Contest – Audio Ollie
70% OFF Klavier Piano Bundle – Audio Imperia
50% OFF Sampletraxx – Use code SRPING18
50% OFF Garritan products
FREE Mini Analogue Collection – Bedroom Producers Blog
Scoring Synths – Audio Ollie