The Samplecast video show 67

Episode #67 of The Samplecast… the show for sample library geeks, plug-in fans and soundware enthusiasts. This week: progress report, news, bargains, freebies, updates and a composer interview with James Everingham. Download the podcast for the extended show with more tracks, information and the full composer interview. More info…

Featured this week:

Hans Zimmer Strings – Spitfire Audio
LABS – Spitfire Audio
Dronar Brass – Gothic Instruments
Seurat – Audio Reward / Kontakt Hub
Microrgan – Soundiron
Hauntology – Zero-G / Si Begg
Double Cream Drums – Loops De La Creme
Overtonics – Cinetools
Arctic Chill – Black Octopus Sound
Woodchester Piano – Fracture Sounds
63% OFF The Keyboard Bundle – Acoustic Samples
75% OFF Drum and Percussion Bundle – Aria Sounds
90% OFF Axis – Soundspot
Endangered Rhythms – Sample Science
Plucked Piano – Paris Sampling
UK Pop EZX – Toontrack
The Orchestra 1.1 – Sonuscore